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A couple of years ago, I bought my first house. Once I moved into my new quarters I was so excited to jump on large projects that would change the interior and exterior of my home.

After a couple of months, this feeling quickly faded. I started to think that my budget, along with my lack of knowledge and tools hindered me from creating my dream house.

It wasn't until I started consuming an unhealthy amount of YouTube DIY videos that I really started to take control.

First I started with small projects, but as projects continued to evolve I started to gain knowledge about how everything worked.

After a little experience, I grew confident and started to move to bigger projects and began to realize creative ways to complete something with the tools I had readily available.

This experience is similar to small business marketing.

Tiny budgets and low bandwidth is continually attributed to the slow growth of a business. Many marketers and business owners feel it is not possible to grow exponentially with the current competition and learning curve of the industry.

I can tell you, that it is far from the truth. With the right knowledge and creativity, any business can build a growth structure with the tools they have readily available.

.....And I hope to show you how.

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