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I have come to the conclusion that I love to build things. It is what drives me. Something about building anything, whether a brand, campaigns, blogs, or actual items, I absolutely love it! I am not sure if it is because I am so proud of being behind the creation of something or just the idea of physically seeing progress but either way…

Because of this passion, I have found myself building multiple things, lots of things, at once.

As you can imagine doing everything at once can add up quickly and become overwhelming.

In the last 3 months in my house alone I have torn down walls and started to add a bathroom, in the basement I have remodeled and added new rooms, and in my backyard I have destroyed a deck and replaced gutters.

I know, I have a problem.. and from my coworkers mouths, “I need to get a life.”

I would be lying if I told you that it wasn’t overwhelming and extremely frustrating creating and maintaining so many projects at once.

But oddly, I have found ways to maximize my time. Most of the projects I create have shared resources that allow me to power through entirely different projects at the same time.

For instance, removing my rotted deck. The demolition from the interior projects was being picked up and there was room for more debris.

And when you give me a saw and an impact wrench, anything comes down in a couple hours.

The same applies to my marketing campaigns. Sometimes I see how some marketing activities open doors to completely different marketing channels that are typically ignored.

To maximize your resources, you need to look for ways that allow you to accomplish more with less resources.

Take for example buying a sales list. The obvious option is to hand it off to your sales reps (which may be just handing it to yourself) and  call and email everyone.

Now this tactic may drive business… But is it the most optimal?

Most certainly not – You are fighting against a lot of variables from gatekeepers, bounce rates due to bad data, and extravagant firewalls.

A low percentage of the list you obtained will truly notice your message or have an understanding of the product you are offering and the need you satisfy.

Oddly, in this same resource you paid for is also a key to a variety of resources that typically go unnoticed and un-executed on.

Such as company name, this in conjunction with their web URL (which is in their email) can become an accounts list in LinkedIn. Allowing your business on top of calls and email, increase reach an leads using targeted content on LinkedIn or even InMails that can always bypass firewalls.

Or even better yet – look for roles in the same company that would be working with the contact you were originally planning to email. (Account Based Marketing-ABM)

Also, using these same emails, you can upload them to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google to match your audience -doing a variety of campaigns to further increase your frequency and reach of the list you purchased.

Now as I have stated in previous blog, there is always uncertainty in small business. Some of these tactics may not be right for your business, but they do all prove the point that anything with a little creativity can lead to new ways to extend resources.

To help small businesses maximize their resources through lead generation. I have compiled a list of marketing channels that are available to marketers to use, divided by the information they have readily available.

eMail is known


Google Display

LinkedIn Advertising

Bing Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Twitter Adverting



Facebook Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Google Display Audience (if employee login available – by creating an affinity aaudience)

Social Media – use their account to grab attention

Direct Mail

Web Behavior

LinkedIn Advertising (retargeting)

Bing (retargeting)

Google Display (retargeting)

Google Display (create an affinity audience)

Industry / Vertical

Buy eMail list

LinkedIn Advertising

Paid Industry Advertising (publishers)

Organic Search

Social Media – Share to industry groups

Google Display – Affinity Target Marketing (publications or popular sites)

Trade Show


Pain Point

Google Ads (keyword search)

Organic Search

Google Display – Creating Audience

LinkedIn Advertising

Paid Industry Advertising

Video Advertising (what tutorial would people be looking for? advertise beforehand)


Google Ads (keyword search)

Organic Search

Google Display (if cloud based, build affinity audience based on login)

LinkedIn Advertising – Target following / user groups or similar for database if target audience uses a tech

YouTube (Video marketing before tutorials)

Share content to User Groups

Trade Show



Organic Search

Google Display – Creating Audience

LinkedIn Advertising – Target following / user groups


Did I miss some? Let me know in the comments!

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The insight is the tool.. not me.

In home ownership, you always run into situations or small problems, that may be a simple fix but you are too scared to do it yourself.

For many homeowners, this is electrical work.

Having an old house, I had a lot of electrical work to take care of.

Although the thought of paying an electrician scared me more than electrocuting myself.

So instead of opening up the pocketbook, I removed outlet plates, switched off the circuit breakers, cracked open a beer, and got my hands dirty.

Yes, I may have shocked myself once or twice, but to this day all my outlets and lights work better than ever before!

The point I am making is that on the surface some projects look like they need a professional.

Although undoubtedly an electrician will do a slightly better job, make fewer sparks (but they are pretty), and doesn’t drink beer while on the job, their improvement to the project is incremental and not worth the cost for simple projects.

The same goes for businesses that are looking to grow through Search Engine Marketing or specifically Ads.

I will tell you why you should take on this project internally, and how to plug this marketing channel into your toolkit.


Why Small Businesses Should Not Outsource Search Engine Marketing

1. The ease of implementation

If you talk to any consultant in SEM, they will tell you how complex Adwords is.

The truth is, it is in their best interest to tell you how tough and tedious it is to make sure that you do not try to implement it yourself, and instead pay them.

But is this really the truth?

What if everything you knew about Adwords is wrong? And Adwords was actually quite a simple channel to learn?

If you took the red pill keep reading – If you took the blue pill, keep reading too but I am disappointed.

Let’s leave this consulting world and look at this scenario from Google’s point of view.

It is in Google’s best interest to make SEM as easy as possible, because the more people use it, the more money they make. Also, the more conversions you get, the more you will spend your budget on it.

To make this dream a reality for Google and their shareholders, they structured their Search with a simple user interface and streamlined the campaign creation process.

Just to help you get started – I included a little crash course at the end of this blog.


2. Who knows your customers best?

In the past whenever I have hired an agency, it always kicks off with a “getting to know your company”

These meetings are usually super creative and fun, but it makes something very evident.

Rarely does an agency or consultant have an in-depth knowledge of your customers, prospects, or buying behaviors.

Just recently, I trained marketing personnel on how to run an effective SEM campaign. The first time looking into their campaign was shocking.

I knew what was wrong structurally, but because I did not have knowledge about their business I was unable to create appropriate ad groups, figure out which search terms were negative, or which terms should be added.

The people that know this information best are the people in your company.

Your sales and marketing teams deal with customers every day and are the most qualified to create an outstanding campaign.


3. Who knows your business best – Promotions, new products, etc

At work, how often do things change? If you say never… I am so sorry, that sounds incredibly boring.

If you said all the time, then let me hit you with a little scenario.

You are an electrical wholesaler (sticking with the electrical vibe) and you sell a wide variety of parts. Each part you sell is being actively bid for through Google Search.

Sadly, your inventory manager, Larry, messes up and there are a couple of parts that go out of stock.

Image Source

While you are yelling at Larry:


You are still paying for clicks to these product pages that say out of stock, wasting your marketing budget and giving potential customers a bad user experience.

How do you fix this?

When you keep the program in-house you have more control for quick changes to turn campaigns off, or to quickly adjust campaigns to meet the needs of temporary promotions.


4. How do you know if it is working efficiently?

Typically, when companies decide to outsource their SEM they say they know it is working because it brings in leads or revenue.

But if you yourself don’t know how to correctly use Adwords, how do you know if their campaigns are structured appropriately? And since you are not running an AB test, how do you know you are not capable of performing better internally?

If you work for a digital agency or are a consultant in the area, my apologies.

I have had multiple occasions where I had to inspect or fix a consultant’s work in Google Search.

On every occasion, I have been stunned to see the absolute slop that went into structuring their campaigns and maintaining their keywords.

I am not implying that all SEM consultants lack the training or the ambition to produce great work.

But I am saying, how can you hold them to great work if you have nothing to compare it to nor have an idea what good campaigns should look like.

Therefore, even if you wish to outsource, please review the actionable items below, because of course:


Actionable Google Ads Takeaway & Strategy

I created a nice short presentation to get you started!

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